Grade(s) Offered: 12th

New or Returning: Returning

Taught by: Ms. Lisa Rosier


Connect HS learning experiences to post-high school, real-world academic, job, social, and civic experiences; Increase self-motivation to become lifelong learners beginning with their time at EBA and extending beyond their formal education years; Understand social and workplace norms and expectations, build strong habits that translate into employability; Explore employment and career options with local and regional business/NPO organizations in a hands-on, in-person manner; Mock interviews and/or practice with volunteer industry mentors; Network with local and regional training, hiring, and management professionals; and, Gain technical and soft- Research project collaboration with mentor; skills and other career competencies.


Q3 and Q4 Implementation of off-site or remote (on-site) Internship (as researched, identified, and proposed in Q2 research project); &/or Student-run enterprise on-campus; Simultaneous to Internship or Student-run enterprise: Assign a mentor from local business/NPO community; Business Plan development and presentation instruction; In-class servant-leadership instruction; In-class community service instruction; and, Generational Leadership Styles instruction.


Hands-on business skills, Collaborative (with volunteer mentor) skills, Peer-to-peer teaching of business and best-practices skills.