God has a plan for every child. Help our students fulfill their purpose.


Since 1998, Eastbrook Academy has proven that amazing results can come from high expectations delivered in a Christian environment where classes are both challenging and spiritual. As a result, our diverse population of students are equipped to make an impact in college and beyond.


Your contribution towards our mission helps us keep academic standards high and Christian education accessible for all! 

Tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating our students. Like most Christian schools, Eastbrook Academy asks for tax-deductible gifts to cover the difference between tuition revenue and operating costs. Over 30% of the school’s budget comes from voluntary gifts made by donors.

Your contribution supports the school’s work and mission of providing extraordinary opportunities and exceptional educators. This support has a long history at Eastbrook Academy and it is affirming to see how donors recognize and celebrate the school’s commitment to excellence.

Donor support has a direct impact on our students and faculty, ensuring that Eastbrook Academy’s legacy will continue to grow for years to come!

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