Grade(s) Offered: 11th

New or Returning: Newly Added

Taught by: Ms. Lisa Rosier


Connect HS learning experiences to post-high school, real-world academic, job, social, and civic experiences;

Increase self-motivation to become lifelong learners beginning with their time at EBA and extending beyond their formal education years; Gain technical and soft-skills and other career competencies.


Life values and spiritual gifts assessments; Career exploration within the context of life values, spiritual gifts and “My Great Commission” objectives; Soft skills assessment and building; Industry skills exploration: What technical skills does the industry(ies) of students’ choice demand? Personal branding; Communicate and dress for success; Peer-to-peer feedback; Resume and cover letter drafting; Interview preparation; Practice is king, so:

Peer-to-peer practice. Mock interviews and/or practice with volunteer industry mentors; Guest speakers; Job search coaching; Business Information sessions (volunteer mentors present via Zoom); Career field trips; One-day job shadowing; Job/Internship fair


Strong self-awareness of personal and technical strengths and of spiritual gifts; Job interview readiness; Begin building ties to local/regional business/NPO communities; Hands-on exploration of local/regional business/NPO environment; Research and presentation skills; and, Collaborative (with volunteer mentor) skills.