Grade(s) Offered: 12th

New or Returning: Returning

Taught by: Mr. Derek LeClair


This course consists of learning important skills to have when dealing with money and knowledge that is useful when handling personal finances. It also prepares students to handle many of life’s adult responsibilities and skills.


Topics include: budgeting, saving, credit, debit, career readiness, college planning, financial services, insurance, taxes, real estate, investing, retirement, and economics. The first semester covers essential topics of Economics, for this class has replaced the stand-alone Economics class. After taking semester 1 of Financial Literacy, students may opt to take a semester of Early College Credit– Econ222: Macroeconomics instead of semester 2 of Financial Literacy.


Students will be prepared to make informed decisions as they go into their adult lives on many of the real life tasks they can face when it comes to money, jobs, college, and housing.