Option 1: Macro Economics


Grade(s) Offered: 11, 12

New or Returning: New


This course presents principles and theories of macroeconomics with emphasis on

economic policies and their impact on the national welfare.


Week 1: Introduction to Economics

Week 2: Choice in a World of Scarcity

Week 3: Demand and Supply

Week 4: Applications of Demand and Supply

Week 5: Elasticity

Week 6: Gross Domestic Product

Week 7: Economic Growth

Week 8: Unemployment

Week 9: Inflation

Week 10: The aggregate demand/aggregate supply model

Week 11: The Keynesian and neoclassical perspectives

Week 12: Money and banking

Week 13: Monetary policy and the Federal Reserve

Week 14: Government budgets and fiscal policy


Special attention is given to the application of economic thinking methods to solving the macro economic problems.

Taught by: Concordia University

Option 2: Intro to Sociology


Grade(s) Offered: 11, 12

New or Returning: New


This course is an introduction to the study of social groups and social relationships.

The course analyzes basic sociological concepts to acquaint the student with the fundamental laws governing human relationships. Problems of social structure, social processes, and social motivations will be considered.


Chapter 1: Sociology and the sociological perspective

Chapter 2: Culture and Society

Chapter 3: Socialization and social interaction

Chapter 4: Groups and organizations

Chapter 5: Deviance, crime and social control

Chapter 6: Social stratification: why are some rich and others poor?

Chapter 7: Race and Ethnicity

Chapter 8: Gender and gender inequality

Chapter 9: Aging and the elderly

Chapter 10: Politics and the economy

Chapter 11: The family

Chapter 12: Education and religion

Chapter 13: Health and medicine

Chapter 14: Social change

Chapter 15: Understanding and changing the social world


Discussions, journals; Written assignments; Essay exams (2); Final project

Taught by: Concordia University

Option 3: General Psychology


Grade(s) Offered: 11, 12

New or Returning: New


This is an introductory survey course acquainting the student with the procedures, principles, theories and vocabulary of psychology as a science. Topics are examined from a variety of perspectives: psychodynamic, biological, cognitive, behavioral, social-

cultural and Christian.


We encourage the student to think and respond from a biblical

worldview perspective regarding the Psychology of mind, body, and spirit. Students will be exposed to secular and biblical perspectives and asked to respond and reflect on the differences.

Week 1: Introduction to Psychology

Week 2: Psychological research

Week 3: Biopsychology

Week 4: States of Consciousness

Week 5: Sensation & perception

Week 6: Learning

Week 7: Thinking & Intelligence

Week 8: Memory

Week 9: Lifespan Development

Week 10: Emotion & Motivation

Week 11: Personality

Week 12: Social psychology

Week 13: Stress, lifestyle, & health

Week 14: Psychological disorders

Week 15: Therapy & Treatment


Students will develop critical and insightful thinking skills through reading, writing and discussions.

Taught by: Concordia University

Option 4: Foundations of Computer Science


Grade(s) Offered: 11, 12

New or Returning: New


This course has three components: Theory, Practice and Application.

Theory deals with computer concepts. Techniques of high level to machine language translation will be studied with an emphasis on: what it is, how it works, and why it is used.

Practice deals with computer system use and there will be hands-on exposure to a number of applications that will be used in assignment sessions.

Application deals with putting concepts to use in order to solve problems. A typical problem will be presented and an acceptable solution will be generated for homework assignments.


Chap 1 – Introduction to Computer Science

Chap 2 – A Computing Environment

Chap 3 – Introduction to Computer Systems  Optional: Plus IT Assignment 2A, 2B

Chap 4 – Grand Ideas

Chap 6 – Origin of Comp. Science  Optional: Plus IT Assignment 3A, 3B

Chap 7 – Word Processing

Chap 8 – Information Processing 1

Chap 9 – Information Processing 2  Optional: Plus IT Assignment 4A, 4B

Chap 10 – Human Computer Interaction 1

Chap 11 – Human Computer Interaction 2

Chap 12 – Graphics and Presentations  Optional: Plus IT Assignment 6A, 6B

Chap 13 – Human Computer Interaction 3

Chap 14 – Application Packages 1

Chap 15 – Spreadsheets  Optional: Plus IT Assignment 7A, 7B

Chap 16 – Application Packages 2

Chap 17 – Computer System Errors

Chap 18 – Data Communications

Chap 19 – Data Communications 2  Complete note sheets for readings

Chap 22 – Algorithms

Chap 23 – Processor Architecture 1

Chap 24– Processor Architecture 2  Optional: Plus IT Assignment 10A, 10B

Chap 25 – Programming Process

Chap 26 – C++ Programming Lab

Chap 27 – Programming Languages

Chap 28 – Systems Software 1

Chap 29 – Systems Software 2

Chap 30 – Storage Management Issues 1

Chap 31 – Storage Management Issues 2

Chap 34 – Foundations of Computer Science

Chap 35 – Foundations Hardware

Chap 37 – Foundations Software

Chap 39 – Foundations People

Chap 40 – Information, Intelligence, Meaning


Tests, Quizzes, Readings, Assignments, Discussions, Final Project

Taught by: Concordia University