Grade(s) Offered: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

New or Returning: Returning

This course is a combination of the previously offered courses– Photography and Graphic Design & Video Editing.

Taught by: Mr. Kok


Using the Adobe Creative Suite, DSLR cameras, and audio equipment, students will work either individually or in groups to bring a project to life. This can include anything short film, a photography portfolio, animated short, small podcast series, or music EP.


Instruction will include how to reverse engineer different kinds of art, how to find information to achieve specific creative results, ideas for monetizing one’s creative skills, industry options in media production, and which of the various production industries students are most interested in. (Ex: Film, in-house marketing, agency, or freelance)


Students will learn project management, creative collaboration, soft marketing skills, how to craft a vision for a creative project, and how to use free resources to increase their creative potential.