Service Opportunities

High School

Service leadership is a key component to some colleges’ decisions in admitting students.  Eastbrook Academy students are encouraged to volunteer in their homes, churches and local communities.  In addition, students have opportunities throughout the school year to participate in community service activities (listed below).

For more information, contact the College Guidance Advisor.

Community Service Opportunities

Serving in the Bread of Healing Clinic on Mondays and one Saturday per month.  Responsibilities can include setting up clinic to receive patients, processing medical records, processing prescription information, praying for patients and other duties as directed by the head of the clinic.

Tutoring lower or middle school students.  This tutoring can take place during the school day or during aftercare.

Assisting faculty with administrative duties.  Responsibilities may include: making copies, preparing classroom materials, labeling new books, cleaning a classroom.

Student Mentoring.  Lower and middle school students look up to high school students which can make peer mentoring an effective way to encourage lower/middle school students.  Mentoring can include meeting with a student to read together, meeting for lunch, helping correct a student’s work and provide tutoring for that student.

Student Ambassador.  Families considering Eastbrook Academy for their child (grade levels 3 -12 only) have an option of that student attending EBA for a school day or part of that school day.  Students are selected to be the one that the visiting student “shadows” for the day.  Responsibilities include welcoming the visitor, explaining the school day and school activities to the visitor, introducing the visitor to students and faculty throughout the day, inviting the student to lunch and including him/her in social activities, and answering questions about EBA throughout the day.

Student Event Service. Various events take place throughout the school year that are either school or community events such as EBA Talent Show, Silent Auction, high school graduation, eight grade celebration, Women Unlimited Christmas / Special events.  Students have the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of areas including:  childcare, directing parking, food preparation and food service, event set up and clean up, musical performance, emcee, etc.

School Booster/event preparation.  Eastbrook Academy enjoys the freedom to celebrate Christian events (Christmas, Easter) as well as support athletic, academic and other community celebrations (school dances, social events).  Volunteer activities for these include: ticket sales, planning and decorating, preparing foods/meals, etc.

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