Private School Tuition Tax Deduction

The state of Wisconsin allows parents to deduct private school tuition. Families are eligible to receive an income tax deduction up to $4,000 for tuition paid for each 5K through eighth grade student, and up to $10,000 per high school student. Families can only deduct the amount of tuition they have actually paid (for instance, for parents filing single tax returns, they are only able to claim the tuition they paid, not tuition paid by the student’s other parent.)

Only the amount paid after January 1, _ _will qualify for the deduction. We advise families to work with their tax advisor to determine the specifics. 

How can parents claim the tax deduction?
A PS Form should be filed with your state tax return. Families are to submit the student’s name, social security number, grade, school ID number and tuition paid. Each student’s paid tuition amount that parent are claiming (up to the maximum deduction for each) will be added together for the total deduction. (Eastbrook Academy’s FEIN number is 39-1926815)

How to Access a Tuition Payment Summary
FACTS Management is Eastbrook Academy’s online tuition management system. Upon enrollment, families will be guided through the account set up process.

Families can print out the tuition summary by clicking “View Printable Payments Summary” on the Payments tab.  Each payment summary is compiled by student, term, sub-account, and includes Eastbrook Academy’s Federal Tax ID number. Please note that in order to pull a summary for a particular tax season, you must enter 01/01/20_ _ – 12/30/20_ _.

If you have any questions regarding the FACTS payment summary feature, please contact FACTS at 866.412.4637

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