School Closing

A School Closing can take place in the event of inclement weather, facilities interuption, or emergency. 

As an independent academy with a unique culture and community, we are autonomous in determining a school closing.

Our main priority is learning and safety.  If students can reasonably make it to school safely, we want them here.  Road conditions are strongly considered, as well as, temperatures and severe weather warnings; our default is, it is better for students to be here than to not be here.  

If our facilities or personnel are disrupted so much so that we cannot reasonably function as a school, we will cancel classes for that day.  Examples of serious issues could include: a burst water main, furnace failure, or a health department intervention.  

Additional factors beyond safety and function can also weigh into the final decision. These may include transportation, food service, days already cancelled or other impacts on future learning.  

Parent Alert 

Eastbrook Academy reserves texting for School Closings or an Emergency. The Academy will send a Parent Alert regarding the situation using an automated voice, text, and email messaging service to all home numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses in the Academy’s database. Be sure your contact information is up to date.

Mass Media Alert

AM Radio stations: WTMJ 620, WISN 1130

Television stations: WTMJ 4, FOX 6, WISN 12, and CBS 58

Social Media Alert

Our Facebook Page is a good source for school information. While it is not to be used as a first source for information on school closings, it can provide a confirmation of what was sent via Parent Alert. It can also be used to confirm days in session that may be in question.

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