Eastbrook Academy exists to support families from diverse backgrounds in the academic and spiritual development of their children in preparation for college and life.

EAB’s commitment to teaching Christian values is evidenced by daily prayer, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and bi-monthly worship services.  These activities serve to strengthen your child’s relationship with Jesus.  Faith and value based discussions are integrated into all aspects of instruction.  This helps your child see outside of them selves and serves to help instill within each of the commitment to be of service to their school, home and faith community.

All gifts to EBA support an atmosphere of continued improvement for:

  • Scholarships for students with a demonstrated financial need
  • Enhanced curriculum, faith formation, classroom technology and extra curricular and enrichment programs
  • Compensation and professional development for faculty and staff
  • Maintenance and improvements to our campus
  • Growth of the EBA endowment for the schools long-terms financial health

Thank you for your generous and faithful support of Eastbrook Academy. Whether your support is prayerful, financial or done through one of our various volunteer opportunities, your time, talent and treasure are deeply appreciated.  We are grateful for the invaluable part you play in helping to run this school while ensuring we meet our annual financial challenges.  without support, we could not be able to offer the experience of faith, scholarship and community to as many students as we do.

In gratitude,

Kimberly K. Nerone

Director of Development and Advancement

414 228,7905  Ext. 376