Giving to the Eastbrook Academy Annual Fund invests in the life of each and every child in our school. Each year, members of the Academy and the Eastbrook faith community are asked to prayerfully consider making an unrestricted, tax-deductible contribution to the Academy.

There are many ways to give to Eastbrook Academy. Consider the options below:

  • CASH/CHECK – A gift by check is the most common method of making an outright charitable contribution. For tax purposes, checks of $250 or more must have written confirmation from the Academy. Cancelled checks at this level are no longer sufficient proof of a deductible gift. Cash gifts (not checks), regardless of the amount, must be evidenced by a receipt from the Academy. To ensure your gift designation is honored, please make checks payable to Eastbrook Academy and identify the intent of your gift in the memo.
  • CREDIT CARD – While cash or check may be the most common method of giving, a credit card may be the easiest way to make a contribution. You can make a one-time gift or arrange regular monthly gifts through the Online Giving Form. To make a credit card gift by phone, call the Academy Development Office. Please have your credit card number, expiration date, and CCV number ready. Monthly donors may change the amount or end date of their contributions at any time.
  • MATCHING GIFT – A corporate matching gift may double or triple your initial gift to the Academy. Many companies match charitable contributions made by employees or their spouses (some even match retired employees). To initiate a matching gift, ask your Human Resources or Community Relations Office about your company’s matching gift guidelines and process; it may require forms for the Academy to sign or be an online program. A matching gift does not increase your charitable deduction, but does count toward your total annual giving.
  • STOCK GIFT – Gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can provide you with valuable tax advantages on capital gains. To donate a stock, bond, or mutual fund and receive the tax benefit, do not sell the security. You must transfer the security to the Academy brokerage account. Eastbrook Academy will sell the security upon transfer for the immediate benefit of the students. To transfer a securities gift to the Academy, you will need our tax ID number and brokerage account information.
  • GIFTS IN-KIND – Eastbrook Academy welcomes donations of goods and services which support the operation of the school. This may include tangible gifts of computers, office equipment and furniture, or needed services such as landscaping or architectural design, painting and repairs, or printing services. Providing the value of the goods and services is the responsibility of the donor and some donations may be declined if the item cannot be used, stored, or readily sold.

Advancement and Alumni Relations Director
Kimberly Carrigan

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