Discipline is a pattern of thought and action that produces self-control and efficiency.

At the Academy, this self-discipline is encouraged by presenting students with a challenging program of learning, surrounding them with patterns of activity that contribute to success, and providing recognition and reward for work well done.

School discipline is violated by interference with the self-disciplined efforts of others, lowering the professional standards that are expected of students and staff alike, and, in the extreme, challenging the value of disciplined effort or the authority of teachers, parents, and administrators of the Academy.

Violations of school discipline are dealt with in a professional and biblical manner and result in withholding privileges. When disciplinary steps need to be taken, the teachers and Heads are in close communication with the parents or guardians. Part of our partnership agreement with Eastbrook Academy parents is to uphold the value of discipline.

Serious violations of Academy standards can lead to probation, suspension, or dismissal from the school. In all cases, withholding privileges or access to the school is done only for the purpose of maintaining a wholesome learning environment.

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