The health and safety of our students, families and staff are high priority during this pandemic. We want to strive to maintain a healthy learning environment when students are in the building and learning in person.  

When we receive approval to reopen, Eastbrook Academy is fully prepared and ready for your students to return to school. 

We have diligently worked to arrange space to provide safe distancing, we have the necessary products on hand and services contracted to sanitize surfaces, we have adjusted schedules, and we have modern technology to seamlessly transition between virtual and in-person instruction. We have also gathered for you key information related to COVID-19 and health measures you and your family can take to stay well.

School Nurse
Annalisa Siczka

COVID-19 Symptoms
Proper Mask Usage
Helpful Information
Soap vs Sanitizer vs Coronavirus

Additionally, we have some policies in place that will be required of all families/students prior to returning to school. One of those is to acknowledge and sign the Student Wellness Declaration; this is a one time agreement. The second document is the Family Self Reporting Form. This will be done on a daily basis prior to entering the building each morning. Failure to fill out the form could result in the student being marked tardy for school due to delay in entry to school building.

Both of these documents are linked below.

Students with a primary exposure to COVID 19 will be required to quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure.  Primary exposure is defined as a direct exposure to someone who tests positive for COVID 19.

Students who develop any symptoms associated with COVID 19 will be required to quarantine until they have received a negative COVID 19 test result AND clearance from a primary care doctor.  

Students who have tested positive for COVID 19 may return to school when ALL of the following criteria is met:

  • After 72 hours of being fever free with NO fever reducing medication AND
  • It has been 7 days since the onset of symptoms AND
  • Symptoms are resolving
Student Wellness Agreement
Family Self Reporting Form

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