Eastbrook Academy strives to provide a safe, healthy and equitable in-person learning environment for our students, staff and families.  As a school we want to be wise in our continued COVID response. 

The Administration team has sought God’s direction at each step and that will continue.  We will continue to trust God for his provision and protection.  The health and well being of our students, staff and families will continue to remain top priority. This plan will seek to give families autonomy in determining what is best for their children while also balancing the need for safe distancing and risk mitigation at the school.

Milwaukee CountyLow TransmissionModerate TransmissionSubstantial TransmissionHigh TransmissionExtreme Transmission
IF Rate of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 over 7 days OR0-9





IF Percentage test positivity over previous 7 daysLess than 5%

Between 5-7.9%

Between 8-9.9%

Between 10-11.9%

Greater than or equal to 12%

THEN MasksOptional*RECOMMENDED indoors for unvaccinated individuals*STRONGLY RECOMMENDED indoors for unvaccinated individuals*EXPECTED indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination statusREQUIRED indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination status
AND Quarantine for exposure to positive COVID caseContact tracing will be done as necessaryEXPECTED for unvaccinated individuals who were not wearing a mask at time of exposure (1,2)REQUIRED for unvaccinated individuals who were not wearing a mask at time of exposure (1,2)REQUIRED for unvaccinated individuals who were not wearing a mask at time of exposure (1,2)REQUIRED for unvaccinated individuals who were not wearing a mask at time of exposure (1,2)

School Nurse
Annalisa Siczka

COVID-19 Symptoms
Proper Mask Usage
Helpful Information
Soap vs Sanitizer vs Coronavirus


(In place regardless of transmission rate)

Distancing – maintain minimum 3 feet spacing between students at all times.  6 feet spacing should be attempted while eating

Communication – We will continue to contact-trace and notify families if there are direct exposures to known covid cases, and following current quarantine guidelines when appropriate.

We will notify families if there is a confirmed case of COVID in their level of the school.  For instance, if a confirmed case was in 4th Grade, the entire Lower School would be notified that this case had occurred in 4th Grade.

Symptom monitoring/Testing – Students will need to stay home for symptoms and students and siblings will need to stay home while awaiting  COVID test results

Visitors – by appointment only.  Additional health screening questions may be required depending on current transmission rate. 

Continued COVID enhanced operating procedures for cleaning, frequent hand washing, and other risk mitigation will continue to be in place.

Eastbrook Academy reserves the right to adjust this plan, such as in response to our experience, community spread of COVID19 or due to mandates set forth by either the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Health Department, State or Federal government. 


American Academy of Pediatrics

Center for Disease Control

Student Wellness Agreement
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