Eastbrook Academy is celebrating its 20th year of providing exceptional Christian education.  With a long heritage of building academic and spiritual development into young people of diverse backgrounds, we look forward to continuing to honor our mission.

What sets Eastbrook Academy apart is our commitment to providing a rigorous, classical education that prepares each student to continue their educational journey in college, and the freedom to choose what they will become, unhampered by economic or societal dictates. This complete K-12 approach, educating the “whole child”, integrating Christian values into our classroom, developing a Christian world view, and creating a Godly character, allows us to stand with each student through every phase of their academic and spiritual development.  Daily, students are challenged to meet high standards, make good choices and value excellence.

Our philosophy encourages high levels of interaction between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and parents and students. Our education model develops critical thinking, creativity and moral conduct. This formula has led to impressive results.

Small class size and individualized attention ensures that every student has access to this quality education. With our emphasis on academic excellence, ethnic and economic diversity, and spiritual development, we have proven that by setting high expectations in a nurturing environment, students rise to meet the challenge. Ultimately, our students will grow to become the future leaders for our community.

Head of School
Fred Pierce

College Guidance Counselor
Martha Carrigan

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