About Eastbrook Academy


Christian Foundation
Eastbrook Academy aligns itself with the Truth as upheld in the Bible and taught by Jesus Christ. At the same time, we accept all students and families who understand and agree to abide by the standard the school sets by that faith. While rigorous academics is key, spiritual truths are required to prepare your student for life and eternity.

Classical Education
The classical education model at Eastbrook Academy is based on a three-part process of training the student’s mind. This classical approach is called the trivium. In a biblical sense, it could be viewed as stages of knowle
dge, understanding, and wisdom.

I. Grammar Stage (K-4)
The early years of school is spent absorbing facts, systematically laying the foundation for advanced study.

II. Logic Stage (5-8)
At the middle school level, teachers teach skills of reasoning, critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation. Students learn to discern causes, motives, and to investigate theory.

III. Rhetoric Stage (9-12)
In high school, students learn to express themselves and become proficient in communicating analyzed information. They ask questions, investigate the truth and then formulate responses. They hone their communication skills by defending their position both verbally and in writing.

Diverse Community
Eastbrook Academy is a school that in every way challenges and overcomes the racial, economic, social, ethnic, and geographic divisions of our city. Serving both urban and suburban students of varying economic and ethnic backgrounds, students are exposed to a broad range of experiences. While each student brings their unique background to the school, the curriculum and expectation of each child is the same.

Rigorous Standards
Eastbrook Academy teaches students how to use language effectively as listeners, speakers, writers, and readers. Our accelerated academic program provides classroom instruction that is approximately one grade level ahead of comparable public and private schools. The Academy maintains a high standard of college preparatory coursework to academically prepare your student for higher education.

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